Thursday, June 14, 2012

10lbs in 10 Days - Day 8-10 CONCLUSION!

Weight - 149.0
Total Loss - 5 lbs

I finally finished following the Jackie Warner Diet 10lbs. In 10 Days.  My total loss was 5 pounds.  Days 8-10 was a roller coaster of weight gain and loss due to the fact I'm gaining water (ladies will know what that means.)  

However, because I only lost five and not ten pounds, leads me to believe that maybe this diet works the best on people who have MORE body fat to lose than I do.  I was only doing this to get rid of those last pesky 10 pounds.  If you know how your body responds to depleted calories, and it works well, this would be a great diet for you.  You never feel hungry as long as you remember to eat, and eat EXACTLY what's written out.

BUT there are several things about my body that I've learned on my overall 2-year fitness journey.

First, the best I have ever looked was after intense, 5 days a-week training on a carb-cycling diet for 6 months.

Second, my body responds best to high intense training and complex-carbs.  

Jackie's book has exercise circuits and programs laid out for you day by day.  Alternating between body parts and exercise.  She recommends a lighter weight than I'm used to, so I added weight.  Personally, I have done all the exercises before so I knew what I was doing, however if you are new to exercising, keep with the recommended weight, and always remember to keep your back straight as a board to prevent injury.

The book also recommends mini cardio bursts in between circuits, which I'm used to doing, however I am also used to doing HIIT Intervals on the treadmill for 30 minutes AFTER training.  You would NOT do this on this ten-day period because you are consuming so little calories in a day.  If you burn too many calories in a day, you run the risk of reaching an unhealthy weight complete which can lead to potential health problems.
Why did I not lose 10 pounds?  Who knows.  I am happy with the weight I did lose, I feel tighter and look a hair skinnier.  5 more pounds would be great.  But keep in mind there is no 'one size fits all' diet.  I know what my body responds to best, which is more food and intense training.

HOWEVER, Jackie Warner states in her book that this was developed for her celebrity clients who need to lose weight fast for either nude scenes or red carpets.  If you need to lose that weight that fast, I recommend this 10 in 10 diet.  But I would not go any longer than 10 days on the same diet and training because of the lack of calories.

My personal goal is a figure competitive look.  To get there, you train hard and eat harder.  This was JUST for bathing suit season and to get me started at a lower weight than I was at.

In Jackie's book you have the option to continue on a 20 day cycle and a 30 day cycle.  These phases include more calories and a training program which is typical of how to tone up and get lean.  If you're in it for the long haul, continue on these next two phases as I will.  
Thank you so much for all your comments and input in these last ten days.  I will not be posting every day about this particular diet plan, as I think I am going to try paleo next, so I will be posting about that next, as well as life in general.

If you are looking for a personal trainer, check out Alpha Elite Training.  They really get it done!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, June 11, 2012

10 in 10 - Day 7

These are Kettlebells

Height 5' 8"
Weight 150.4
Total Loss - Same as yesterday 3.6lbs.

No weight lost...well shit.

OK, so I'll admit that although I've been copying the diet down to the last almond EXACTLY how it's written in the book, I'm NOT doing the exercises exactly.  I do the same weightlifting exercises, but I use more weight with different equipment.  I also have been alternating my cardio between jumping jacks and kettlebell swings.  Other than that, I have NOT cheated or missed a DAY with exercise.  Is jumping rope REALLY so MUCH better than what I'm doing for cardio?  I don't own a jump rope, which really isn't the problem, it's my ankle.  I can never jump a rope without slapping it into my ankles, which are EXTRA sensitive right now.  NOT to mention it hurts when I jump anyway.  I think everyone would agree that I shouldn't do something if it hurts my ankle.  But it's still frustrating when I'm doing everything else, and it's day 7 and I haven't even lost 5 pounds.


My dinner's are tasting OK again.  I think I just needed to get over the monotony 'hump'.  My stomach is visibly smaller and feels tighter, and my thighs look smaller (which is the real test...right?)

My temptation today was popcorn and goobers at Madagascar 3.  Someone who's addicted to chocolate, I swear the goober smell way overpowered the popcorn.  I mentioned it to hubby and he said not to worry because all the goobers were gone.  So that only means my addiction has gone into overdrive smelling empty goober boxes...two seats away.  Again, I brought my allowed snack and some water and was satisfied.

I'm beginning to compare this diet to quitting smoking.  I smoked for 16 years and quit 4 years ago.  Every day after the day I quit was just an added prize.  From that first week, to a few months, to years after, if I was around someone who was smoking I never wanted to take a drag because I would have to start all over again at day one.

I can't believe I used to smoke old butts when I ran out...

That's how I'm starting to feel.  It's been one full week without sugar, salt or (real) bread.  I'm starting to see great results with how my body feels, so I don't want to screw that up and have to start all over.

I think I may even continue the diet for a couple of more days just to see the numbers on the scale say 144.

Thanks for leaving comments!  I love to read them!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 in 10 - Day 6

Height - 5' 8"
Weight - 150.4
Total Loss - 3.6lbs.

I'm beginning to see a light at the end, and YAY!  Almost below 150, but still 1.4lbs away from the half way point.

I woke up early worried today because we had a birthday party to go to, and my nemesis was going to be there...cake.  Determined to push through, I packed my allowed snack per Jacki Warner's Book, 10lbs in 10 days, and water and went.  I did fine.  In fact it wasn't even the cupcakes that tempted me, it was the grilled cheeseburgers with it's yummy goodness scent, and the multitude of salads (potato, pasta, etc.) that had my mouth watering.

I decide to workout after lunch today because the birthday didn't start until 4:00 and I knew I would be getting home too late.  To my surprise I had enough energy to complete the session.  Instead of jumping jacks though, I did 30 - 20lb kettlebell swings in between each circuit, for a total of 90 swings.

My body's metabolism is really climbing, because I'm sweating alot more now during training.

Yesterday I posted that celery had calcium, I found some sources that back that up here and below.

1.00 cup
101.00 grams
16.16 calories
World's Healthiest
Foods Rating
vitamin K29.59 mcg37.041.2excellent
folate36.36 mcg9.110.1very good
vitamin A453.49 IU9.110.1very good
potassium262.60 mg7.58.4very good
molybdenum5.05 mcg6.77.5very good
fiber1.40 g5.66.2very good
vitamin C3.13 mg5.25.8very good
manganese0.10 mg5.05.6very good
calcium40.40 mg4.04.5good
vitamin B20.06 mg3.53.9good
tryptophan0.01 g3.13.5good
magnesium11.11 mg2.83.1good
vitamin B50.25 mg2.52.8good
World's Healthiest
Foods Rating
excellentDV>=75% OR
Density>=7.6 AND DV>=10%
very goodDV>=50% OR
Density>=3.4 AND DV>=5%
goodDV>=25% OR

I'm in the homestretch!

Thanks for reading!

10 in 10 - Day 5, Super Foods

Weight -151.2
Total Loss - 2.8lbs
Height 5' 8"  (I forgot to state that)

The ankle was fine this morning, so that's a great sign to me that increasing running activity is OK, as long as I push it slowly.  However it's the 5th day of Jackie Warner's 10lbs in 10 days, and I've lost a total of 2.8lbs.  My mindset tells me that by my weigh-in tomorrow morning, I should have lost 5 lbs.  But I also know that my body reacts better to different ways of training.  For instance, I'll lose more weight doing a circuit of heavy power lifting, than doing major cardio.  

My personal trainer, Kimberly Elliott at Alpha Elite Training, would kick my ass (and probably will) because of the amount of times I'm checking the scale.  She spent a year training my brain to NOT TRUST IN THE SCALE, but to trust in how your body feels and and how your clothes fit.  But this is just for 10 days, so I think she may give me a break...not.

In Jackie's book, she talks about super foods.  Now I have always known that a super food was a food that was really good for you, but she goes into specifics that are really interesting.  For instance, did you know that broccoli helps reduce cellulite?  AND, I had NO idea that raw celery contains high concentrations of calcium!  The book is packed with facts on all the foods on the diet.  Not to mention she also includes fun facts about each food.  After the Popeye comic was introduced in 1929, spinach sales rose by a third!

Tonight's workout was an all-body circuit, minus the cardio.  I welcomed the break of jumping jacks (Jackie recommends jumping rope.) But I HOPE the scale is way down tomorrow!

Thanks for Reading!

Friday, June 8, 2012

10 in 10 - Day 4 SPRINTS!

Weight - 151.4
Total Loss - 2.6 lbs


I'm actually starting to think that this may be possible.  I've NEVER lost 10 lbs in 10 days unless I had the stomach flu or broke my ankle (and even that took a month). 

I'm getting good with not taking mini bites of Aubrie's food ( I haven't at all, I really want to do this diet right.) I've actually been taking note of all the times throughout the day that I would have, and it equals to be a whole snack or a meal!  Those little bites here and there that you don't think are going to be a problem,  really add up.

The food still tastes good except for dinner.  I'm starting to get tired of the same thing.  I cooked tonight's meal with last night's, trying to save time...which it did...but tonight my chicken was dry and my veggie was soggy.


I'm thinking at this point that I'm not even at the half way mark of my 10 days.  So it may really start to suck to eat this same meal for 6 more days.  Yet I'm determined, and all the fitness pages I belong to on Facebook are constantly posting inspirational images and quotes that keep me going.  

Basically, take a lifesaver and suck it up.

Tonight's workout was sprint intervals on the treadmill.  I hadn't sprinted since before my accident, and I hadn't even jogged for more than two minutes since.  It was a total of 25 minutes, and the intervals got harder and harder...and right now, my ankle is really sore. This morning's weight drop put a huge smile on my face, so I hope this soreness was worth it when I get on the scale tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!   ...going to ice my ankle...


Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 in 10 - Day 3

Weight 153.0
Total Loss - 1 lb

I've started reaching my goal with my water intake as suggested in Jackie Warner's book 10lbs in 10 Days.  Even my Costco trip, which usually consists of icy diet coke,  was a cinch to override.  I remember when I was drinking at least a gallon a day and how I got up to that point.  If you're not used to drinking water, it's going to suck to're going to hate it.  I've taken pointers from a day spa I once went to that had cucumber and lemon slices in the water.  So I've been doing that.  I love it.

Same meals and snacks, I'm not really bored with it (yet).  My body is becoming retrained so like clockwork, it knows when I need to eat.  When you're just sitting there and break a sweat, that's you're metabolism becoming more efficient (unless you have hot flashes).  My metabolism is speeding up and working harder, that's when I take my cue to eat.  

At this point, my body still feels the same, but I know I'm losing so mentally I feel good.

As far as exercising, I went in the pool today with Aubrie for an hour, and almost justified it as my exercise for the day...almost.  Yet after dinner, I did the prescribed circuit anyway.  I'm hoping tomorrow more weight comes off.

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

10lbs in 10 Days - Day 2

Weight - 153.4
Loss - .6 lbs.

Unfortunately my digital scale calculates "micropounds".  On any other scale I would calculate this new weigh in as 1 full pound.

I stuck with the meal plan all day.  Although I have to retrain my brain about my 'one bite here and there' justification.  Aubrie's kids meal at her swim class came with 2 cookies.  I told her I was going to eat one of them, then called myself on it because for a split second I forgot about my meal plan.  (Those small m&m cookies looked real good...)

Same breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks as day one.  It was fine until dinner when I grilled hubby and Aubrie a nice, big, juicy, marinated london broil, alongside my chicken.  So I decided to cook it well done (which I hate) so I wouldn't be tempted.

I never felt hungry throughout the day which was great.  I just have to make sure that I'm eating every 2-3 hours.

My arms and chest were sore from yesterday's workout.  I welcomed it though.  At physical therapy all my workouts were leg-related to suit my ankle.  I felt like my upper body was being neglected.  Sure, for the past couple of months (when I started driving again) I could have been driving myself to the gym for an upper body circuit, but time, laziness and doctor's visits prevented me from going.

So it really feels good to feel my biceps 'scoop' up the weight during a curl...and I LOVE shoulders...which was part of tonight's program along with legs, abs and cardio.

This time I bumped up the cardio with jumping jacks.  Jackie Warner's book asks for jump roping, but I don't own one nor  do I know how to jump rope without adding a bunny hop in between each rotation.  I did 3 sets of 100 jumping jacks and I felt more fatigued after the workout than yesterday.

It feels to get back into it again!

I hope the scale is even lower tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

10lbs. In !0 Day's - Day One

Weight - 154.0

I woke up excited for the day of a new diet and the possibility of being 10 pounds lighter in ten days.

Breakfast was simple, and included my coffee fix, except I had to substitute stevia for my splenda and my Almond Joy creamer for almond milk.  It was still a great cup of coffee.

The thought of not having to to crack and cook 5-6 eggs was great.  I've never been much of a cook.  Sure dinner was fine, but in the last year I've been grilling cod at 7am.  The smaller portions of this new diet made me wonder if I was going to be starving in an hour.

Jackie Warner lays out a meal plan which includes 3 meals and two snacks.  This is typical of what my previous plan(s) were like, but in those plans, the two snacks were more like meals with specific measurements of carbs, proteins and fats.  In this new plan, the snacks are just that...snacks.

I'm used to spacing out my meals so at 10am, I was onto my first snack, and at 12:30 my lunch.

I was really kind of dreading lunch because of the lack of protein and the mix of sprouted grain bread with specified veggies did not sound appetizing.  Boy was I wrong.  It turned out the ingredients made a wonderful flavorful sandwich that even my 4 year old picky daughter said looked yummy.  In fact, when it was gone, I wanted another one but I was too full!

At 2:30 I was on to my second snack which included almond butter.  I had tried almond butter before and hated it but I was NOT willing to stray from this diet.  It turned out, again, I liked it a lot.  I'm wondering if it was perhaps a different brand.

At this point in the day I was slowly realizing that I had to exercise soon.  Typically I like to exercise in the morning, but I just didn't want to try with such a small breakfast, and quite frankly, I was avoiding it because of the lack of food I was eating.  Yet somehow I was NOT starving which Jackie even states in her book that I wouldn't be hungry due to the combination of foods that's laid out.

Dinner was a familiar meal that I usually make, however one of the vegetable sides was different.  It was a TON of food which I was looking forward to.  For some reason my mind was psyching me out about the size of the meal, in the fact that more food = less weight (in a highly intense exercise program.)  Dinner was awesome, and even my husband (picky eater number two,) LOVED the new side. one of the meal plan, done.  Can I eat the SAME meals for the next 9 days?  We'll see if I get bored.

After dinner the time had come to (finally) exercise.  After all, you won't lose weight if you don't expend more calories than you take in in a day.

The whole program took me a half an hour.  It focused on chest, biceps and abs with specific amounts of intermittent cardio.  I had to stray from the particular cardio exercise due to my ankle, so I decided to run on an inclined treadmill for a minute.

My concerns about the exercise program not being 'enough' were laid to rest.  I was NOT bending over almost up-chucking, trying to catch my breath like at bootcamp.  But it was challenging enough that my muscles were maxing out (meaning it was hard to do the last couple of reps in the set.)  I do however, have to disclaim that I did NOT use the recommended weight that Jackie says to use in her book.  I used heavier, only because I knew I could, and heavier weights are all I have.

I'm pretty happy that I completed my first day and that I didn't give in to a taste of Aubrie's ooey gooey cupcake from Whole Foods.  (That really sucked.  I could smell the sugar.)

I'm wondering now if it actually will be one pound in one day, or if there will be a significant drop in weight in a few days.

Tonight, I'm not hungry, I'm tired but not so exhausted that I can't finish this post (or watch a recorded show after.)  My goal for today was to get through the first day and I did, so I'm proud of myself for that.  The only thing I slacked on was the water intake recommendation.  I will work on that for my goal for day two.

Thanks for reading!


Monday, June 4, 2012

10lbs. in 10 Days? Hmmmm....

So swimsuit season is here and due to my ankle (I use my ankle as an excuse A LOT,) I missed my head start in getting ready.

On my fitness journey, one of the resources I trusted in was the FitnessRX Magazine for Women website forums.  When I joined the forum over a year ago, I met a group of strong, spectacular ladies who have greatly influenced my fitness goals.

The women on the forum ranged from dieters to bikini and figure competitors.  There we shared meals, life, recipes, goals and before and after photos.  It was here where I first gained knowledge of what, where, how and when to eat and exercise to reach my goals,  In addition to my personal trainer Kimberly Elliott over at Alpha Elite Training, I would not be where I am today without these great ladies cheering and supporting me on.

We all subscribe(d) to the magazine itself, and would discuss the articles and women featured in them.  One of which is Jackie Warner, a guru of health and fitness.  I'm not going to go into her biography, but if you like, you can read that here.  Just know that she is a celebrity trainer, owns a couple of gyms and has had two television shows on the Bravo channel Work Out and more recently Thintervention with Jackie Warner.

I had always heard of 'amazing' 10lbs in 10 days diets, and they always just seem to be fad diets. But when the latest book by Jackie Warner, 10 Pounds in 10 Days hit the stands, I actually stopped and thought that there may be something to it since it was written by a woman who've I came to know and respect through reading the magazine. I liked her workouts and philosophy, and I thought that it would be a no-gimmicks 'latest fad' diet.

So I purchased the book and read it.

At First, when I got to the diet plan for the 10 days, I did a double take.  I'm not going to go into specifics about the plan, as that would not be fair to Ms. Warner, but basically it is a calorie-restricted diet for the sake of losing pounds and is completely different from my previous meal plans.

My original goal was (and still is) to have the body of a figure competitor...

...who's program consists of intense workouts and strict diets of complex carbs and proteins.  Proteins, proteins, proteins, at every meal (5-6 meals a day).  The Jackie Warner 10 day diet has one source of protein at dinner.

Hmmmm.... my mantra for the next 10 days is that this diet's purpose is to lose weight, NOT gain muscle.  

But I'm no expert.

My second thought on the calorie restricted diet, is that it doesn't seem like NEARLY enough calories and carbs to give me energy for the type of training I'm used do.  But Jackie's book has a daily exercise program that is less intense, but similar to what I'm used to.

The great thing about the book is that it doesn't just stop at 10 days.  If you chose you can move to a second phase, the next ten days, and even a third phase for a total of 30 days.  The second and third phases increase caloric intake and move on to more intense workouts that involve weighted circuits and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training.) 

The third phase most resembles what I'm used to, and it makes sense that Jackie would lean this way as it is how all these great fitness trainers have the bodies that they do.  But for my purposes, I'm going to do the first phase to lose the 10 pounds.  Then gradually progress from there in the training that I'm used to, to maintain and reach my goal.

For the next 10 days, I'll blog about my progress.  Again, I won't go into specifics about Jackie Warner's plan, but I will detail how I feel this may help or hinder my progress.  So, can I lose 10lbs in the next 10 days?  I never have before (except when I had a bad case of the stomach flu a few years back,) but I'm willing to do this for the sake of my bathing suit.

Thanks for Reading!


Friday, June 1, 2012

1st Day Back

So I realize that I entitled my blog 'Life's Gristle', and these past five months have certainly been fatty with cartilage.

Thanksgiving day I fell in my high heels and broke my right ankle on either side.  December first I had surgery, with a 7"plate inserted on my the outside of my ankle, and two three-inch screws inserted on the inside of my ankle (note the extreme opaque spots on the x-ray below...and yes, those are staples as well.)  I couldn't walk for three months, and couldn't drive for four.

I'm not going to go on and on about my everyday emotions during the whole experience, because I'm done with it, and everyone who reads my blog probably already knows all about it!  :)

Basically, this is what happened:

Over the next 6 months, it went like this, break foot, splint, surgery, torturous pain, splint, boot, walker, torturous pain, crutches, knee scooter, couch potato, support a little weight, then a little more, torturous pain, start walking with boot, still can't drive, month later, boot off, drive, physical therapy, torturous pain.

I'm going to move on now, I've talked about my foot for 6 months.

For those of you that know me, I was and avid gym member, so my first day back was brutal.  My trainers over at Alpha Elite offer FREE BOOTCAMP on Saturday mornings, so I decided to try my luck last Saturday.

HOLY HELL, it kicked my ass.

It wasn't really my ankle, but the fact that I couldn't get my breathing under control.  The  7-station circuit was intense and brutal.  It's funny though, as they were explaining the stations, I was secretly thinking to myself how easy it was going to be.

Well a half an hour and 100 push-ups later, it was the first time EVER that I really considered throwing up.  But all in all, everyone was glad to see me and cheered me on.  I had to take more breaks than usual, and decided I really need to get my asthma under control, what I'm doing now is just NOT working.  Unfortunately, bootcamp is on hold for two weeks while my trainers go on their annual vacation, but I am building myself up at my gym.

I also am trying a new diet plan.  Paleo.  Yes it's the so-called 'caveman' diet, which will be the topic of my next post.  I am, however, considering a more drastic diet to get bathing-suit ready within the next couple of weeks.  I'll keep you posted!!!

Also, if you need a trainer, or a physical therapist, check out the links below!

Blankinship Physical Therapy

Thanks For Reading!


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