Thursday, June 7, 2012

10 in 10 - Day 3

Weight 153.0
Total Loss - 1 lb

I've started reaching my goal with my water intake as suggested in Jackie Warner's book 10lbs in 10 Days.  Even my Costco trip, which usually consists of icy diet coke,  was a cinch to override.  I remember when I was drinking at least a gallon a day and how I got up to that point.  If you're not used to drinking water, it's going to suck to're going to hate it.  I've taken pointers from a day spa I once went to that had cucumber and lemon slices in the water.  So I've been doing that.  I love it.

Same meals and snacks, I'm not really bored with it (yet).  My body is becoming retrained so like clockwork, it knows when I need to eat.  When you're just sitting there and break a sweat, that's you're metabolism becoming more efficient (unless you have hot flashes).  My metabolism is speeding up and working harder, that's when I take my cue to eat.  

At this point, my body still feels the same, but I know I'm losing so mentally I feel good.

As far as exercising, I went in the pool today with Aubrie for an hour, and almost justified it as my exercise for the day...almost.  Yet after dinner, I did the prescribed circuit anyway.  I'm hoping tomorrow more weight comes off.

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