Sunday, June 10, 2012

10 in 10 - Day 5, Super Foods

Weight -151.2
Total Loss - 2.8lbs
Height 5' 8"  (I forgot to state that)

The ankle was fine this morning, so that's a great sign to me that increasing running activity is OK, as long as I push it slowly.  However it's the 5th day of Jackie Warner's 10lbs in 10 days, and I've lost a total of 2.8lbs.  My mindset tells me that by my weigh-in tomorrow morning, I should have lost 5 lbs.  But I also know that my body reacts better to different ways of training.  For instance, I'll lose more weight doing a circuit of heavy power lifting, than doing major cardio.  

My personal trainer, Kimberly Elliott at Alpha Elite Training, would kick my ass (and probably will) because of the amount of times I'm checking the scale.  She spent a year training my brain to NOT TRUST IN THE SCALE, but to trust in how your body feels and and how your clothes fit.  But this is just for 10 days, so I think she may give me a break...not.

In Jackie's book, she talks about super foods.  Now I have always known that a super food was a food that was really good for you, but she goes into specifics that are really interesting.  For instance, did you know that broccoli helps reduce cellulite?  AND, I had NO idea that raw celery contains high concentrations of calcium!  The book is packed with facts on all the foods on the diet.  Not to mention she also includes fun facts about each food.  After the Popeye comic was introduced in 1929, spinach sales rose by a third!

Tonight's workout was an all-body circuit, minus the cardio.  I welcomed the break of jumping jacks (Jackie recommends jumping rope.) But I HOPE the scale is way down tomorrow!

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  1. Jumping rope better if you want to lose soo fast.

  2. Doubt that celery has allthat calcium! I HAVE TO LOOK IT UP.

    1. Googled celery and didn't see any calcium listed. I do like celery as a textured diet food though.

  3. I just started raw diet and I must say that eating raw vegetables is just get so much fuller, more quickly and for longer, which shows how much cooking can take out of food...
    Being Vegan I have supplement Kidney beans, Butter beans, some tofu, broccoli etc...

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