Tuesday, June 5, 2012

10lbs. In !0 Day's - Day One

Weight - 154.0

I woke up excited for the day of a new diet and the possibility of being 10 pounds lighter in ten days.

Breakfast was simple, and included my coffee fix, except I had to substitute stevia for my splenda and my Almond Joy creamer for almond milk.  It was still a great cup of coffee.

The thought of not having to to crack and cook 5-6 eggs was great.  I've never been much of a cook.  Sure dinner was fine, but in the last year I've been grilling cod at 7am.  The smaller portions of this new diet made me wonder if I was going to be starving in an hour.

Jackie Warner lays out a meal plan which includes 3 meals and two snacks.  This is typical of what my previous plan(s) were like, but in those plans, the two snacks were more like meals with specific measurements of carbs, proteins and fats.  In this new plan, the snacks are just that...snacks.

I'm used to spacing out my meals so at 10am, I was onto my first snack, and at 12:30 my lunch.

I was really kind of dreading lunch because of the lack of protein and the mix of sprouted grain bread with specified veggies did not sound appetizing.  Boy was I wrong.  It turned out the ingredients made a wonderful flavorful sandwich that even my 4 year old picky daughter said looked yummy.  In fact, when it was gone, I wanted another one but I was too full!

At 2:30 I was on to my second snack which included almond butter.  I had tried almond butter before and hated it but I was NOT willing to stray from this diet.  It turned out, again, I liked it a lot.  I'm wondering if it was perhaps a different brand.

At this point in the day I was slowly realizing that I had to exercise soon.  Typically I like to exercise in the morning, but I just didn't want to try with such a small breakfast, and quite frankly, I was avoiding it because of the lack of food I was eating.  Yet somehow I was NOT starving which Jackie even states in her book that I wouldn't be hungry due to the combination of foods that's laid out.

Dinner was a familiar meal that I usually make, however one of the vegetable sides was different.  It was a TON of food which I was looking forward to.  For some reason my mind was psyching me out about the size of the meal, in the fact that more food = less weight (in a highly intense exercise program.)  Dinner was awesome, and even my husband (picky eater number two,) LOVED the new side.

Soooo....day one of the meal plan, done.  Can I eat the SAME meals for the next 9 days?  We'll see if I get bored.

After dinner the time had come to (finally) exercise.  After all, you won't lose weight if you don't expend more calories than you take in in a day.

The whole program took me a half an hour.  It focused on chest, biceps and abs with specific amounts of intermittent cardio.  I had to stray from the particular cardio exercise due to my ankle, so I decided to run on an inclined treadmill for a minute.

My concerns about the exercise program not being 'enough' were laid to rest.  I was NOT bending over almost up-chucking, trying to catch my breath like at bootcamp.  But it was challenging enough that my muscles were maxing out (meaning it was hard to do the last couple of reps in the set.)  I do however, have to disclaim that I did NOT use the recommended weight that Jackie says to use in her book.  I used heavier, only because I knew I could, and heavier weights are all I have.

I'm pretty happy that I completed my first day and that I didn't give in to a taste of Aubrie's ooey gooey cupcake from Whole Foods.  (That really sucked.  I could smell the sugar.)

I'm wondering now if it actually will be one pound in one day, or if there will be a significant drop in weight in a few days.

Tonight, I'm not hungry, I'm tired but not so exhausted that I can't finish this post (or watch a recorded show after.)  My goal for today was to get through the first day and I did, so I'm proud of myself for that.  The only thing I slacked on was the water intake recommendation.  I will work on that for my goal for day two.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Ok, so I just found your blog by searching "Jackie Warner wants to starve me." LOL I don't have her new book yet, but I am following the diet plan in her old book (This is Why You are Fat), and it's my first day, first meal. Now I will see if you have any updates!


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