Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Challenge ~ Day 3

Mission:  Post something you ate today.  Was it worth the Calories?

Ok, so I went to Costco today, and there were a TON of samples, which I don't normally eat because it all sounds gross sometimes.  But today there was a guest vendor with CARAMEL APPLES.  Now I never really liked caramel apples because of the stickiness in my teeth.  But I could not get over what kinds they had.  They had ones with nuts, ones with m&m's, pretzels, chocolate chips and get this...POP ROCKS!  I was like, really? How disgusting does that sound?  A pop-rock caramel dipped apple?  It was a slumber-party's dream.

OK.  So this is NOT what I ate today.

We all know I'm on a no-fun diet.  So when I show you one of my meals it's going to look VERY un-appetizing.  I don't know how many calories it was, because I don't count calories.  I just had to put a picture of the apples up though so you would be impressed by something.

This was my second meal, after my workout at around 11:30.  It took me a long time to adjust to actually cook early in the morning.  It's my carbs, 1 cup of brown rice (which is a butt-load if you're not used to eating that much.) My fats, almonds, and my protein, shrimp and a whey protein shake.

I know, I know, you're jealous at my mad-skills for putting a plate together.


  1. I really want an apple right now:)) covered with all that good stuff!!New follower here, hope you can stop by sometime and do the same..

  2. Argh! Now I want a caramel apple :)

    They look so yummy!

    Following back, thanks for the follow

  3. The apples look like they would be fun to make! Your shrimp look yummy too! :)

  4. I'm impressed! LOL! Love all the colors of the apples. Good for you on your faithful healthy eating. I'm about to begin a month of healthy South Beach Diet eating. So I'll have to read your blog often to keep the momentum going!! Have a happy Thursday.


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