Thursday, March 17, 2011

Doke's and Rocks

"Mom, I've got 2 doke's for you."


"When does a cow get a sticker on it's butt?"


"Whennnnn....the ladybug eats the poop!  hahaha."

Rolling eyes, "That's so funny baby."

"What does the dog and the cat and the duck and the dog do when they jump off the bridge?"

"I don't know honey, what?"

"Whennnnnn....the butterfly and the toilet paper and the rock scratches the butt!  hahahahaha!"

Aubrie's really been into telling joke's lately.  She get's it from the HBO show 'I Spy', who's joke's aren't any better, they just make sense.  "What has twenty tails and twenty heads?  Twenty pennies!"  

Aubrie's jokes usually involve poop, pee or butts.  Even though we try to tell her those are bathroom words, hubby and I secretly crack up.  I mean where does she get these things?  They're usually just ramblings of things she's looking at.  


"Yes sweet cheecks?"

"I wanna rock out!"

There's my girl.

I know, your impressed by my mad-skills...again....


  1. Funny but adorable child. I remember when my best friend's little brother went though this stage. We all laugh and he just thought he was the best joker in the world.

    Had a chuckle myself when I read your bathroom word in the post about your food.

  2. Awesome! Brody and Ayla jsut watched it with me and said "Go OBY" She is too cute- go rockstar!

  3. Thanks for joining Surfin' Saturdays! Following you back. I also co-host a hop called Follow Me Fridays and would love for you to join. Have great week!

  4. Too cute! Emma just asked where she was going and now wants to watch it over and over again!!! Love it!


  5. I love it! She sounds exactly like my 3 year old. This age is SO CUTE!!!

    I'm following you back now. Thanks for visiting and following A Helicopter Mom!



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