Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Challenge ~ Day 2

Mission:  Post something you don't like about yourself

Well, shit...

I could go on and on about what I don't like about myself.  I'm not charitable enough, I don't call my family, enough, my boobs...

But instead of getting depressed about my more 'important' faults, I'm going to focus on what first came to mind...

My sweet tooth.

I have absolutely NO will power when it comes to walking past a pastry, with creamy filling (any kind), frosting (any kind), powdered sugar, or sprinkles.

I'm serious. I LOVE sprinkles.  I think I'll open a cupcake store and call it Sprinkles.  Oh wait...

My main problem is at night.  After everyone's asleep, I just get these cravings for anything sweet.  I can't carry this stuff in the house because I WILL eat IT!  Hubby just doesn't understand this obsession I have.  He acknowledges that it is a real problem.

Good news though.  When I diet and excersise like I'm 'supposed' to, I have no desire to eat these things, or even have them in the house.  So now that I'm back on my fitness journey, hopefully it will go away!


  1. Oh I understand that! I've a big sweet tooth too, but also when I exercise it seems to keep it at bay a bit! Speaking of which - time to get on that exercise bike! Good luck with your fitness regime!

    I found you through Totally Tuesday blog hop and am now following you! Hope you'll pop over and visit my blog sometime too!

  2. girl! at least you're doing what you 'should' be doing. i have no will power and i bask daily in it! haha..

  3. ROTFL -- ("well shit" --heehee) absolutely love your blog concept - found you on Follow Tuesday - Officially following you ;)) - I'm Marilyn from - hope you can stop by sometime.. TY

  4. I am a new follower from the Tuesday Blog Hop- I would appreciate it if you followed me too! Thanks!

  5. I remember Friendly's and sugar in your water. It's probably what makes YOU so sweet!

  6. HAHA! I totally forgot about the sugar water! I miss friendly's sooo bad!

  7. I love sprinkles too ~ but I call 'em jimmies ;)

    Oh, and I have a wicked sweet tooth!


  8. OOOOOHHHHHH CAKE!!! Those little finger cakes look awesome! I think I could eat the whole sitnking plate! But I won't, thanks goodness it is just a picture!

    Thanks for stopping by and following my weight loss blog (hence why I cna't eat the cake)

    I am not your newest follower too!

  9. Thanks for the follow; I'm your newest follower! I agree that a sweet tooth is a downfall. ~ Ellen

  10. I have an insatiable sweet tooth too...It was never a problem until I quit smoking; now I'm putting on the pounds.
    I am visiting and following via I love my online Friends.
    I hope your week has gotten off to a good start.

  11. Haha, yeah that's a dangerous question isn't it?!?! Good idea to focus on what you can change. I should def. work on my sweet tooth too, why does everything bad for you have to be so delicious?


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