Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Challenge - Day 11 & 12

Mission: What is the greatest vacation you ever took?

My family vacationed in Cozumel about 6 years ago, and hubby and I took a 2 hour plane ride from there (on a 6 seater, scary as hell, airplane,) to Chichen Itza.  It was the most amazing place I have ever been.  It was an archaeological wonder both literally and spiritually. 

I also got to sit in the co-pilot seat on the plane ride there.  It was so amazing watching the clouds come towards you as opposed to just seeing them outside your window.

The Hotel in Cozumel

The Pyramid

The Observatory where the Mayans made a calendar from the stars.

The Plane (Yup, I'm actually taller than it folks!)

Mission: A Picture of the town you grew up in.

I grew up in Reston, Virginia.  It's about 20 miles outside of D.C.  Here's a picture of the path behind my parent's house.  That fence never used to be there, but they had to put it up because beavers from the creek were coming into people's back yards to steal trees.

It was so lush and green and the changing of the seasons is what I miss most (and my family and friends!)  What I DON'T miss about Reston are the huge snow-storms and cold weather.


  1. Oh, Cozumel.... I've been there.... LOVE IT! I didn't take a scary as hell plane (whew) but the fairy was a bit... rough. And my oldest got salmonella. Yikes. Still love it though, love the photos.

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  4. What an awesome trip!! Thanks for stopping by and following. I'm now following back. Have a wonderful weekend~

  5. Awesome!! Love the pics soo beautiful! I rode on my first airplane a big "Scary as hell" lol plane!! LOL... Dont think I'll fly again. I had to because it was for my dtrs make a wish trip to Florida!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today TCC!! I am now following you back from SSBH!!

  6. Lovely photos! I was there years ago!

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  7. Beautiful photos! :)

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