Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Challenge - Day 16

Mission: What do you miss most about your childhood?

This is a real tough question.  I miss my mom making dinner every night.  You don’t realize how tough it is to do that until you’re a home-maker yourself.  I miss lip-syncing in my basement to Motley Crue, using a tennis racket as a guitar.  I miss my gerbil ‘Rascal’.  I miss digging around in the creek behind my house.  I miss making chalk outlines of a road down the street and then having to ride the road with my bicycle.  I miss trick-or-treating AND being able to eat all the candy WITHOUT it going to my thighs.  I miss my bed and especially my pillows.

But I think the thing I miss the MOST about my childhood is the fact that I had NO RESPONSIBILITIES!  No cleaning the house to make sure that the dog hair doesn’t make puppies.  No making dinner every night so the family is fed.  No getting gas as you realize you need some when you’re already late for an appointment.  Not making appointments for the yearly checkups.  Not having to make money for survival.

Not having a care in the world and no fear as I climbed as high as I could up a tree.

Yep, that's really me folks...


  1. Classic pic Marcy! ;) Love it! LOL!

  2. AMEN! I want no responsabilities like childhood. I want someone else to make me dinner for a week!


  3. I love motley crue :D
    lol anyways i'm stopping by from the sunday blog hop so, you have a new follower :)

  4. You were (and are!) adorable. What a picture! I think you put it perfectly. We all miss that freedom, that 'who cares' kind of attitude. I like to think it is still there, at least from time to time. Great post :)

  5. I often think back as well and miss the childhood.
    Thank you for a sweet comment as well!
    (following you too :)

  6. @ Casey, yup should have been a clue!
    @ Trisha, Thanks! I think I was three...The age my daughter is now, To think about giving her a sip of beer....maybe this was just a photo op! I'll have to ask my dad!
    @ Tawna, I HATE making dinner, especially with my no-fun diet, I'm usually making at least two meals a for me, one for the rest of the family.
    @ Krystal, Rawk On! Thanks for following!
    @ Stacey, Yes, innocent until high school!
    @ Lindsey, Thanks!
    @ Lyuba, Thanks for the comment!

  7. I had to take a double take, that totally looked like Aubrie (older version) for a second!!! Haha!


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