Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Costume Discounters

When I was offered the opportunity to review something from Costume Discounters, I jumped at the chance.

My thoughts raced  to myself first, (some would call a fault).  Images of platform shoes and Go-Go Boots raced through my head, maybe I can finally be Wonder Woman for Halloween.  So I browsed through the shoes and found a bunch that I loved.  Including Wonder Woman boots. 

Red and White Super Hero Boots Adult

For going to see my bro-in-law’s band play, (if and when we have a kid-free night)

Sexy Black Patent & Lace Peep Toe Pump A

For going out with the girls…

Red, White and Blue Sandal Adult

 But as I was skimming over all the heels, Aubrie peeked over my shoulders and saw the banner of costumes.  It immediately became clear to me that she was seriously lacking in the dress-up department.  Compared to most of her friend’s who have maybe ALL of the Disney princess costumes. 

So “Mom of the Year” mode kicked on and thoughts of adding to my shoe box collection in the closet quickly diminished. 

They have a wide selection of toddler costumes including Disney Princesses.  And it took all my energy not to get the little Princess Lea costume, I mean she’s going to have to learn who THAT princess is sometime…

After going back and forth with her, she chose the Snow White Ballerina Costume.

Toddler Disney Ballerina Snow White Cost

She was so excited when we got in the mail; she put it on immediately and danced around.  It is a high quality costume with a picture of Snow White on the button in front.  I also love the puffy sleeves made with strips of ribbon.

They also have different styles of Snow White costumes you can check out here:

Maybe I'll be Snow White for Halloween this year instead!

Aubrie now plays dress-up even more, I will need to get a bigger box for all her dress-up clothes!

Next time you need a costume or are even looking for a great pair of heels, go to Costume Discounters. They have GREAT things for Fourth of July!

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  1. OMG!!! Kandise has those red boots. Noelle borrowed them for Lady Gaga. Haha!!! XOXO~Christine


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