Friday, June 10, 2011

Family, Friends and Sake Bombers

Well another year older...I'm definitely in my mid to late 30's....sigh.  I was never one to freak out about age.  I tend to live in the moment and never worry about the long-term future, (hubby HATES that sometimes).  But as I approach 40, it's kind of hitting me a little.  I mean, do I worry about trying to have another child? Or should I start worrying about retirement?  Or both?

Usually my long term goals are things like:
Will I have enough wine for game night on Friday?
What cute outfit will Aubrie wear on her first day of school?
If I do two extra sets of plyometrics today, MAYBE I'll be able to eat that half pint of Ben and Jerry's tomorrow.

But lately, I've actually surprised myself by setting money aside for a Gym Membership renewal, 2 MONTHS away!  Whoosh...what a rush to think that far ahead.  I mean, I think I just got dizzy.

One thing that I always look forward to is my birthday month.  Yes you read correctly, I said month.  Not just a day, or a week, but I get a whole birthday MONTH.  Weather hubby likes it or not.  And this birthday was particularly great because my sister left her husband and three boys to come celebrate it with me.

She endured a missed flight, and a 5 hour turbulent ride from Virginia, PASSED where I live in Phoenix to San Diego, only to change planes and get to Phoenix.  God love her for making it here the same day, and the almost midnight pickup arrival time, made me flashback to 15 years ago when 11pm was usually the time I was first leaving the house to go watch a band play.  Now a days, I'm usually I passed out on the couch watching CSI or something.  It felt good driving on an almost vacant highway at that time of night!

So every year, my girlfriend's get together and try to do something fun for our birthdays.  Last year for mine, we took pole dancing lessons, then went to eat.  After that there was a strip club across the street and we tried to get in, but they wanted to charge us 10$!! I mean  we were women for crying out loud.  So instead we headed over to a casino and instead of getting carded for the dance club we were let in for free and were asked if we were there for the "Cougar Contest." F-ing half-my-age-bouncer-that-I-could-easily-squash.

This year it was Sushi.  Some of my GF's couldn't make it but we had a blast anyway.

I get sake Bombers any chance I can get

Hope from, myself and Noelle.
(Gotta have two glasses of beer for those sake bombers.)

Noelle and Me

Julie (My Sister), and me.

The next night, actually ON my birthday, we went out to dinner with our close friends.

Hope and Me

Julie and Aubrie

BFF's Aubrie and Emma

After that, we went back to Hope's house for Game night.  My sister brought along a bottle of vodka that looked like a machine gun.

We then took turns taking pictures as Charlie's Angles.

I didn't actually open it until Memorial Day though...

It was a great couple of days, and true to herself, Julie got a picture of me the next morning and then played with apps on her new iPad...then uploaded it to facebook.


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