Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Going Vegan?

I don't really care about how many people read my blog.  I used to because I heard having a really good blog got you free stuff.  After years of on-again-off-again blogging, I've come to the conclusion that what I really want is a place to jot down all the crazy health fads I go through, to see what works for me.

About 12 years ago, (ironically after I got married), I started getting major stomach cramps and disgusting digestive 'problems'.  After a lot of poking and prodding, a stomach biopsy, a colonoscopy, and even a hydro-colonic session, it was determined that I had IBS...For those of you who don't know what that is, it's Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I remember when I first heard of IBS, it was listening to the Howard Stern show on the radio (when it was free to listen) and Kelsey Grammar was a guest, talking about his wife's IBS.  Needless to say a string of diarrhea jokes and fart sounds soon followed in that broadcast.  All of which I laughed to.

My IBS magically disappeared when I got pregnant 4 years later, only to re-appear now that my daughter is 6.

If you know me, you know that I've always done SOME kind of diet and exercise.  Yoga and Atkins, Personal Training and Carb Cycling, then home exercise and Paleo diet.  The last one which REALLY worked the best.  But I can't stick with anything for too long.  Making three meals a day from SCRATCH, and most times, two OTHER meals for my daughter and husband, I got soooo fed up with washing dishes and running to the store for fresh ingredients all the time.

But I'm at it again.  After watching Forks over Knives, I've determined that I'm going to try Vegan.  Not for the sake of the cow (although it does help but god help me for loving steak)  but for cancer and heart disease purposes.

I have NO medical history since I'm adopted, and with all these IBS symptoms creeping back up, what can it hurt?  Can I give up meat, cheese and fish?  It's really an extreme diet, but I'll see!  My husband seems to be on board, since cancer runs in his family.  So maybe it will be easier with the cooking and cleaning...probably not though.


  1. I suffer from IBS too. It's nice to see someone writing about it! I have mine under control, for the most part... I keep dairy out of my diet (within reason) and I try to eat in smaller amounts through the day. Running, sticking a to decent sleep schedule, and teas have also helped me a lot! Best of luck :)


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