Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My New Mural - Bath Junkie

Here is my latest mural job.  This was done over at San Tan mall in Gilbert, AZ at a store called Bath Junkie.  This is a really unique store that has all types of bath products, soaps, lotions, cologne, shampoos etc., as well as house cleaning products and products for your pets.

The unique part of this store is that you pick the product, and then there is a wall of different scents to choose from.  You can mix up to three to four scents to customize your product!  They even have a menu of mixed scents that you can try out as well.  This is by far the coolest store to come around in a while.

They also host parties.  Princess parties for girls, nights out with the girls...any occasion really.  So my job was to paint a life-size french-style bathtub for the party goers to stand in front of, and receive a picture to take home with them. 

You can see the party table to the right, and the wall of scents on the left.  Above the bath tub I painted a chalkboard with a fancy frame.  Bath Junkie will write the name of the birthday girl or their scent of the month on the chalkboard.

I used gold paint for the frame, faucet and mirror.

The owner wanted extra foo foo-ness so I added glitter to the bubbles.


This was a really fun project. The total size was 4.5 x 6.5 feet.


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