Friday, April 8, 2011

The Why's

My daughter will be four in June, and within the last week, the thing that I most dreaded about parenting has crept up on me...the "why's."

She knows it's funny.  She knows that when I roll my eyes after she asked me her 20th "why", that I'm frustrated, not amused.  Then she giggles and asks me another question with yet another string of why's.

All of this reminds me of a hilarious Louis C.K. skit on the why's.  


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  2. oh how the whys drive me CRAZY!

  3. I couldn't get access to the skit here at work, but I know what you mean. My son is king of the questions!!
    Nice to meet you.

  4. THAT is my day today. this is completely cracking me up. I love Lewis CK.

  5. we are out of the stage with my middle crack me up!! now following you from friday blog hop!!

  6. Adorable!

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  8. Haha, I'm so not looking forward to the "why" stage!

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  9. Lol, that was great! I love the why stage, it cracks me up but after a few of them I am with you... not funny anymore.

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